Translational Research

The APGC has been developed and designed in collaboration with key stakeholders to deliver solutions to industry and societal problems.

APGC’s co-designed and integrated research programmes’ objectives are:

  • Become a global development hub for vertical and indoor farming systems, associated knowledge and technologies
  • Become a global development centre for crop varieties with traits suitable for use in vertical farms
  • Develop crops resilient to predicted future climate scenarios in any given territory, effectively future-proofing agriculture and the food supply chain
  • Cut breeding time-cycles for new crop varieties for traditional cultivation – ‘speed breeding’
  • Develop new efficient crop storage techniques to minimise losses during processing, transportation and storage
  • Develop crops and growth systems to support food production in the developing world
  • Support growers with technology transfer, research support and knowledge exchange
  • Encourage and support ‘spin out’ businesses and attract ‘spin in’ businesses to Tayside.
Integrated Research
Key translational research outputs associated with resilience to climate change, speed breeding and post-harvest research have been identified
The impacts and benefits of the APGC’s research and facilities.